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um, bill isn't the reason we're all doing this. :)

had i chosen to, i could have been surfing on a mac or an amiga.

bill didn't invent the pc or the internet.

That's where you're wrong. Unless you think you'd be doing this on a Mainframe, think back to the early 80's and the Altair. Bill did, in fact invent (or buy the technology) the first tech revolution for the mass market. Trust me, I'm no big MSFT fan (I'm writing this from a Mac), but I wouldn't be in the technology industry if it weren't for Microsoft. The boom you're referring to (Internet, web surfing, etc.) didn't come until the mid 90's.

You left out William Shatner? I'd definitely bump Tiger Woods for him.

YOu don't want to have lunch with me?

Most honorable man to take office since Ronald?????????? If you consider it honorbale to send 18 year old kids to die in Iraq.

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