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So, you tip a bar tender a dollar for popping a cap off a bottle for you? You tip a cabbie who is already making a killing off your fare?
Have you ever tried working as a barista? Your large vanilla latte may seem simple to you, but there is a lot of work going into it when you've got a line out the door and jackasses who insist on ordering customized drinks with 17 adjectives. Oh, by the way, your barista is a service person just like your waitstaff at a restaraunt. They make next to minimum wage, and live off of the $40 a week they get for tips. So please consider that you may be helping to feed someone's child. Focus your disdain at the company, not the poor kid behind the counter.

With that logic, let me ask? Do you tip the people at McDonalds or Taco Bell? They're in the service industry, they take complex orders and make more than a simple cup of coffee and steamed milk. They probably make minimum wage as well. Or does your logic only apply to the cool world of coffee shops?

You forgot to mention when you go to a bar, you usually stay for the atmosphere. Hence the tip at the bar. I get my coffee to go and I hate that tip jar.

Tipping before you get the product is ignorant as well.

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