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i wish more people were as open with their feelings as these disgruntled employees. See, you can just quit...you don't have to come back to the coffee shop with an uzi and shoot everyone! good lesson for us all. :)

Wow...that's great!

Screw you, Scott!

I suppose Scott had to learn very quickly how to make a good cappucino, sweep the floors, serve the customers and become a people person.

You have done a great job of boldness by posting this. It is a lesson for all the bosses having an attitude like Scott who act like God to their subordinates.


I cant imagine the personal hell these people must have gone through to all be able to decide to quit their jobs at once. Kudos to them for doing it!

Awesome sign!

If this doesn't bring the point across, I think there is no help for Scott...



I think a slap on the face might hurt less.

Soooo right... I've been trying to get teachers to do this at the school I work for YEARS (LOL)!

I worked for a Scott and I wish I had the guts to walk out of my job.
I am surprised that you only have a few comments on this post.
As a matter of fact a know quit a few Scott’s and they should me made aware of the fact that staff have feelings and put money in the bank for them. I just might email this to some that I know.

I've worked for that kinda employee wo has zero awareness of his employees. It was either that sign or a gang ass whoppin!

As a customer, could one write a rebuttal to Scott about poor staff service?

Just curious...

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