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That'll bloody teach them!

I still feel that the Academy is wrongfully and blatantly ignoring the added difficulties that tie in with acting opposite special effects.

Rachel Weisz had Ralph Fiennes to work with; Naomi Watts had to act opposite air, nothing, zilch. Now that's talent!


What amazes me is the stories I hear from my Partner, who works in the Film/Television industry out here in Vancouver. At the end of the day, the director is supposed to be in charge of each shot and getting the right feel/tone etc... but it's the Producer who has the final say. If the Producer doesn't like the way a certain scene is done, he has the right to change it.

As for the Stars themselves. My partner has met quite a few along the lines of Tom Welling, Patrick Stewart, Hugh jackman amongst them. Hugh jackman was the only one out of those who actually walked around set, got to know the crew, and indeed played Soccer with some of them during breaks in Filming. Most of these guys have such overinflated ego's they can't see beyond their A**.

I found my way here via BlogExplosion.

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