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Here's the deal... it's easy to criticize us Okies... but what's the point? We are what we are, and we are damn happy to be it. As if... any other region of the world is without fault. Minnesota is coldern a witch's tit... I rest my case. smooches, Dr. Jan (visit my podcast at uglygirlsclub.thepodcastnetwork.com)

There are some great WiFi coffee houses not far from there -- Java Dave's in downtown OKC for example.

Del City has seen better days, but remember that it was a post-WWII suburb, built around the car, built with planned obsolescence. Most of the retail and housing stock is forty to fifty years old and wasn't built to last. Metro Oklahoma City's growth has been back into the center and to the northwest and southwest, so there hasn't been the reinvestment in Del City that would spruce the place up.

I've always said that most of OKC is a hick town that's gotten too big. Del City just proves my point. But who am I? I'm just a snob from T-town...who's not been to the new and improved Brick Town.

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